Building a successful company or organization involves a large variety of activities that, that well planned and executed, lead to positive results. In the particular niche of software companies, one of these activities is ensuring that your customers are in fact successful with your product.

In the case of Followprice, making a customer successful is related with several aspects, however, the most important KPI is generating substantial incremental revenue for our clients.

That is the case of DGS Group Limited, a Followprice client almost since day one.

DGS Group Limited is a technology focused, growth oriented e-commerce conglomerate that specializes in producing localized online stores and serving them. DGS is experienced in all points of the supply chain from the conceptualization to actualization, from sourcing to after sales management.

DGS Group promotes an innovative culture where employees can enjoy their job while working hard to attain their personal goals. The creative atmosphere that is lived at DGS allowed Followprice to be listened, even though at the time (2014) Followprice was a very recently founded start-up.

Now that more than 2 years have passed since DGS first implemented Followprice in their Australian ecommerce shop, we asked Jonathan Ung, a DGS Group Executive, how they look at our partnership.

These where the answers :-)

1. What are your goals for the implementation and use of the Followprice solution on your websites?

With Followprice, we were able to effectively target end users to our partner’s websites through a notification of price drop. As many of our partners and clients have daily price changes, we were able to have a high number of re-engagement and re-targeting through Followprice. This led to a very high conversion rate as returning users have a very high intent to buy.

2. Why did you choose Followprice?

Choosing Followprice was quite simple. There was not another platform that was so simple and effective. From the onboarding and integration process to the communication with the close team at Followprice, everything was smooth and simple. After considering so many options, the simplicity of Followprice for its effectiveness made it a clear choice.

3. Which target audience do you wish to attract through the Followprice button?

Customers with high buying intent, or customers that are just looking for the right (low) price to buy!

4. Which performance indicators are you looking at when monitoring your activity on Followprice?

We observe the customer conversion path and product subscription rate.

5. How do you define success in the collaboration between Followprice and your company?

The fact that we are still working very closely with each other to consider more methods for targeted customer conversions. This open discussion with the team at Followprice is of high value to us.

6. How has Followprice been received internally so far?

Our teams are very excited to work with Followprice as it is definitely in line with our goals to always strive to provide consumers with products at the lowest price possible. As a result our teams have found it very exciting to observe and review the results of Followprice.


For Followprice, working with a client such as the DGS Group made a very positive difference in our story, contributing to a fast iteration process and increase in results.

The short “30 days trial” made with one of DGS’s websites ended up converting into a long-lasting and very positive partnership!

Written by Gonçalo Mendes