A new social media platform is gaining Millennial’s attention taking the third place among social media platforms that teens are using now. Yes, it’s the dynamic Snapchat that created a new Puppy Selfie trend. It was launched in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Though originally Snapchat was created as a photo sharing app now it became a social media platform that delivers around 8 Billion videos per day according to Statista. In comparison, social media leader Facebook has 15 times more users than Snapchat, but has the same 8 Billion video views per day. Taking this into consideration it’s no wonder that Snapchat is gaining more and more attention and business is rapidly measuring it’s effectiveness.

Snapchat uniqueness is the 10 seconds disappearing, real time, raw images and videos. And it seems that the dominant majority of Snapchat users aged 16-34 just love it. Millennials are the early adapters and the fact that Snapchat is not saturated with advertising causes more and more of them to start using it. This means a huge audience of potential customers! Of course, it is essential to know if your potential customers belongs to that majority, if not Snapchat could be just a waste of time.

Snapchats doesn’t offer a possibility to create a business profile so they all are the same. To create Snapchat profile simply download the app and sign up. At this point you should keep in mind that you can’t write a brief explanation about the profile so be thoughtful when creating username. It should align with your brand not to cause any misunderstandings.

When you have a profile start sending snaps using funny lenses, filters and emojis! Might be interesting to know that it’s been noticed that vertical images and videos attracts more engagement than horizontal ones. Surpassingly the reason is that in general we use our phone vertically so it is more comfortable to experience content like that.

How to act on Snapchat? 

Take customers behind the curtain. I already spoke about this aspect in my previous post about Instagram for business. With Snapchat it is basically the same. Behind the curtains content (images and videos) helps in creating a personal bonds with your audience, inviting them to see real people behind the product or a brand. Have fun in creating your story, use filters and emojis to light up your content.

Tell the story. Yes, stories, again. It’s the ‘IT’ thing in content marketing nowadays and it applies more or less everywhere and Snapchat it not an exception. In Snapchat’s case it’s quite easy, you have 10 seconds to capture a fraction of a story and combining number of short videos will create a fun and memorable story.

Go live and highlight recent events. Whenever there is some huge event going on, Snapchat provides an opportunity for users to take snaps and upload them into shared story. After a while Snapchat users can see the highlights from cool events from different people perspectives. So if you are a part of some great event then Snapchat provides an opportunity for your users to be part of your live event and see and experience it trough your perspective.

All in all, if you decided to try this new marketing channel I would advice you to be real, vibrant, fun and surprising keeping in mind that majority of your followers will be Millennials! 




Written by Akvile Zelnyte
Marketing miss at Followprice with a great passion for writing on a various topics starting e-commerce business to traveling and philosophy.