Are cleverly devised marketing campaigns more important than merchandise quality in the 21st century ? Perhaps not, but an odd giggle never hurt anyone. In fact, funny social network posts can help boost brand visibility, increase traffic, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Modern consumers want to be entertained more than anything else, and brands that recognized the enormous potential of humor in social media early on are now recording steady revenue and clientele growth. Why? It is simple, really: witty content featuring funny hashtags, GIFs, memes, and jokes inspires chuckles, and chuckles make people tick – and click for more of the good stuff.

For this reason, funny posts are one of the easiest and safest ways for your company to establish a lasting, pleasure-based connection with your target audience and convert smiling viewers into satisfied customers. Here are a few ways in which fun social media posts can help step up your marketing game.


1. Humorous posts help boost brand visibility

A compelling story with a comical plot twist told online stands a good chance of going viral on social networks overnight. Humor elicits a universal positive emotional response, and fun posts are a natural magnet for shares, reblogs, likes, and retweets – and all marketers know what hundreds and thousands of social shares mean: improved brand visibility online, increased user engagement, and easier access to new potential customers.


2. Make them laugh, and they will follow

Influence in the virtual world is an asset in marketing, and posts that make the viewers smile are a surefire way to attract subscribers, increase website traffic, and turn visitors into customers. Humorous content inspired by everyday life shenanigans will make the audience relate to your brand, cajoling them to hit the Follow/Subscribe button, or click on the link that will land them on your website, blog, or social network page where they can learn more about your business and eventually sign up for your merchandise without feeling pushed or pulled by the sleeve.


3. Chuckles, love, and shares for audience retention

What new with that company which always has those boring, sales-driven ads?” – said noone ever. Humorous content is a natural attention-grabber and attention-holder, so if you are set on winning over loyal customers, make sure to share funny social media content regularly. Using a quality link prospecting tool, tapping into multiple media channels, and feeding online audience chuckles by spoonfuls are the simplest ways to induce your viewers to develop a habit of visiting your company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile expecting more of the fun stuff.


4. If they feel good, your bank account will feel that way too

Most people use social networks to combat stress, relax, and get a quick mood boost. Laughter is good for the immune system, and it eliminates anxiety faster than any medication out there. Humorous posts boost endorphin release and trigger a host of psychological and biochemical reactions, allowing your brand to win over fresh audience and potential customers without the need for user incentives, coupons, or discounts.


5. Build a chuckling community of fans

Laughter is social by nature: people laugh 30 times more in the company of other humans than when alone. If you can make your viewer chortle while scrolling Facebook or Twitter feed in the privacy of their home, you have done half of your marketing work already. Jokey posts hit the sweet spot in people, so humor will quickly build you a populous community of subscribers who identify as your brand’s fans.


6. Humor is a self-fulfilling marketing prophecy

Advertising based on lengthy descriptions of merchandise features and benefits is history. New generations do not care about the gains they can get if they order your product or service – but make them laugh and they will immediately gain something precious, completely free of charge. People do not like sale-driven posts: they like social media content which makes them feel good, and if you regularly serve them clickfuls of funny videos and images, they will quickly develop a positive association to your brand name.


Campaigns that talk to the heart rather than mind are the new face of marketing, so if you are set on maximizing user engagement and forging deep bonds with your audience, do not dismiss humor lightly. The notion of a marketplace has changed since the era ancient Rome, but the human need for bread and circuses remains as strong as ever. Remember: your fans are in it for kicks, and merchandise benefits come after fun.

This article was written by Howard Bell.

Howard Bell has been writing about technology since his first diary entry where he lamented over the pressing programming issues hiding behind the obvious lack of long blocks in Tetris.



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