It’s not surprising anymore that you can find basically any business in social networks. Using them as a great way to promote their brand and speak to customers.One of the social networks that is trending right now is Instagram. With more than 4ooM active users, it is going step by step with social network giants like Facebook or Twitter. And business have found it as a great way to promote and even drive sales!

How Instagram is different from Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin? 

First of all – it is totally visual, images and short videos are telling the story. You can’t post any updates, share links and so on. That’s why Instagram looks really clean, easy to use and navigate.

Second – other than Facebook or Twitter, there is no possibility to create a business account. It’s all the same for everyone (there are no insights in Instagram itself but you can find may apps that collects data like –SimplyMeasured )

It is important to mark that links doesn’t work in Instagram, you can’t click on them. So it is more difficult to direct customer into your website to make a purchase. However, you can still include links, just that it needs to be copied to the browser. Only working link you can have is in your profile description, so if you are creating a special campaign change your websites link into campaigns, and direct customers to click there.

There is a myth that only clothing or food related business can truly have the benefit from Instagram. Yes, people love to search, like and follow clothing or food related images and profiles, but if you work in a different field you can see it as a benefit too.

So for example, if you have a clothing business you know there are a lot of people searching for your type of images. But the drawback is that there might be too many of them and your content can just drown in the sea of summer dress photos. So at this point, the demand factor is on your side. Now just think about the way to stand out in that huge feed. Make a research and try to find a different angle to tell the story.

This is an example from Lithuanian clothing brand 2ra2ra 


In contrary, if you are providing a service and don’t really have product to show, build your profile about yourself. Your daily office life, people behind the business. Share your victories, believes and joys. People like to follow cool business that allows customers to go behind the curtains.

MailChimp is doing a great job, having more than 30K followers.




Interested how to start using Instagram for business? Here are 4 basic tips! 

  1. Clean pictures. Remember, picture is an art! So have high quality, clean, story telling and emotion-filled images. Nicely set up pictures will encourage people to like, share and eventually buy. Nike is a great example for that.
  2. Hashtags. Instagram is based on hashtags, and it is the way to find everything.  To gather followers use the most popular hashtags that goes with your brand. By the time you set up certain amount of followers create your unique hashtags and encourage followers to use it whenever they post pictures related to you.
  3. Create contests. When you set up a unique hashtag, create a contest and encourage followers to post a specific content pictures (depending on your contest) and your custom hashtag. That will spread the word about you and attract more followers and potential buyers.
  4. Real people. More and more business are using pictures of real people using their product or service in order to create a stronger relationships as well as drive more sales since people like seeing how product looks in a real light rather than photoshopped next to a model. Search for images with your customers using your products, and repost them.


Written by Akvile Zelnyte
Marketing miss at Followprice with a great passion for writing on a various topics starting e-commerce business to traveling and philosophy.