So you already know that Instagram is more than a selfie data base and it is widely used as a new marketing channel for business.  I’ve already spoked about why it is beneficial to use Instagram for companies along with tips on creating an Instagram profile and strategy in previous post. So the one thing is having an Instagram profile and gathering followers trough nicely set profile and another thing is advertising on Instagram. 

If you have an Instagram profile you’ve probably seen some alien post’s on your news feed. At one point it could look like a regular picture but if you look closely you could spot that it’s an add.

It all began more than 2 years ago when Instagram introduced Instagram Adds for business. As they said it was a step for Instagram as a growing business. At first it stared slowly in United States, and only few companies had a chance to try this possibility to advertise. Now every Instagram user can see adds occasionally appearing in their news feed.

The rules for adds are quite strict. The content need’s to be hight quality, and fit the main Instagram idea, it should look natural to in the news feed just like any other picture users see depending on their preferences.

How does it work? 

There are tree type of adds. One is a Photo Add, another is a Video Add and third is Carousel Adds (which allows to swipe and see additional pictures) In Photo and Carousel adds there is a call to action button either – ‘Learn more’ which direct viewers to the website or ‘Instal now‘ that direct to download the suggested app. All the adds are marked as ‘Sponsored‘ on the top right corner. Users can take actions, like visiting the website or downloading an app, or just visit the companies Instagram profile, follow them, like and comment.

Instagram adds

Adds helps in solving the problem that links doesn’t work in Instagram (you can’t click on it). By creating an add you can direct potential customers straight to your website to make a purchase, download your app and so on. It made it way easier to generate traffic and measure the effectiveness of Instagram.

How to start advertising? 

As you might know, Facebook bought Instagram 4 years ago and now both social networks are closely connected. You can register to Instagram using Facebook, people see adds depending on their interests collected from both networks.

To create an Instagram add you need to connect you Instagram account with your Facebook page. It is really comfortable for managing and monitoring adds and your Instagram profile in general. For a step by step instructions check this article by Entrepreneur – ‘How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in Under 10 Minute’ 


Written by Akvile Zelnyte
Marketing miss at Followprice with a great passion for writing on a various topics starting e-commerce business to traveling and philosophy.